Apple iPad 2 Rumor

Posted on Sunday, Dec 26 2010 on 06:00 PM

The launch of the next iPad is presumably getting closer and more information starts coming in about the second version of Apple's tablet. This time, an anonymous Chinese source tipped Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara that the new iPad will be even smaller by 3mm, with a flatter back and smaller bezel.

The iPad 2 will keep the same screen size, but the dimensions will decrease by 3mm, to 239mm (9.41”) by 186mm (7.32”) and the design could be slightly different. The flatter back and the smaller bezel, much like those on an iPod touch, will answer users' wishes and make the gadget more stable when laying flat on a surface.

Some early leaked cases for the iPad 2 had an opening on the bottom part, which is supposedly where a new metal mesh covered wide-range speaker will reside. One other change concerns the ambient light sensor, which will now be in the upper center of the rear panel and nested in a 3mm hole.

The source deemed information about front and rear facing cameras unreliable. Allegedly, the new iPad is already in production and Apple could pump up capacity to as much as 6 million per month. And since production has reportedly already started, Apple is scheduled to receive the new iPads in January or February.


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