Motorola Tablet Will Shows Up at CES 2011

Posted on Sunday, Dec 26 2010 on 08:30 PM

So maybe we simply have Xoom on the brain, but we just watched Motorola's teaser video for its upcoming Honeycomb-powered Android tablet (embedded, bottom), and we could swear that the company hid the expected branding in a few scenes. Specifically, we noticed what look like a whole lot of X's O's and M's in the hieroglyphics of the "Egyptian tablet" pictured in the opener; now of course those M's could be nothing more than triple slashes a la the Roman numeral three, but it seems like there are an awful lot of them on this imaginary stone tab, and the screenshot that Moto picked for its event invite might be telling (video below).

Then, in the very next scene, we're treated to a perspective shot of the Ten Commandments that makes the word Xoom seem to show up on a diagonal starting with the "X" in the Ninth (IX) Commandment (pictured top). Again, perhaps we're just seeing what we want to see here -- Motorola seems to have formatted the words similar to other English-language depictions of the Commandments that we've seen -- so this is far from concrete proof that our speculation from earlier in the week will pan out. Either way, all will supposedly be revealed in less than two weeks at CES.


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