LG Reveals Optimus Magnum, Optimus Jump, Optimus Hush ?

Posted on Thursday, Dec 23 2010 on 05:00 AM

LG has just applied for European Union trademark protection for three Optimus brandings: Optimus Magnum, Optimus Jump, and Optimus Hush. Besides the original "Optimus" mark, these are the only three filings LG has ever submitted with that word in this particular database; in the US, the company's only Optimus-themed mark is for "LG Optimus." On the same day that LG filed for these same three marks in its native South Korea, it also filed a fourth application, for Optimus View.

The company has a pretty solid history of using its Optimus brandings: out of the 30 trademarks in Korea's database containing the word Optimus, LG has used the majority of them, although there are certain ones (Optimus Harmony, Optimus Sync, and Optimus Win, for instance) that we've never seen used on commercial products, at least in their English translations. Also, the company apparently trademarked numerous brandings for its upcoming tablet, including Optimus Tab, Optimus Pad, Optimus Slate, and of course Optimus Tablet.

The struggling manufacturer has at least two devices of interest in the pipeline, including the LG Star and LG B. The Star has been outed as the LG Optimus 2X or Optimus Speed (only the latter of which has trademark protection in Korea), while the B doesn't yet have a retail name, so it may well turn out to be one of these three marks.


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