More New Features of Samsung bada OS in 2011

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 on 02:00 AM

Samsung's bada operating system may not have exploded onto the scene during its first year of release, but the evolving OS is ready to add some new features and come back as bada 2.0 in 2011.

Although it's only visible right now as part of Samsung's Wave lineup, the company has big plans for bada, hoping to get it on to 10 million more handsets by the second half of next year. So far, it claims to have sold 5 million in 2010.

The changes in store for bada 2.0 range from the technical to the aesthetic, including new development tools, multitasking, HTML5 support, and a more customizable, generally improved user interface. Keeping it in line with current OS releases like Gingerbread, bada 2.0 should also have support for using NFC hardware.

This sounds like a major update, and all the changes make a lot sense, but we can't help but feel like Samsung is playing catch-up; everything it's doing, another smartphone OS has done before. That makes it really difficult to draw new users to the system. After all, do you want your phone catching up with the pack, or leading it ?


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