Asus E600 to be Launched at MWC 2011

Posted on Saturday, Dec 18 2010 on 09:00 AM

Asus wants to get into the smart phone game and its coming ASUS E600—which runs Windows Phone 7—has just cleared the FCC. FCC certification is necessary for phones and pretty much all electronic devices to be sold in the US, which means that Asus’s first WP7 smartphone could end up on shelves pretty soon. Interestingly, Asus build the prototype WP7 devices that Microsoft first used to demonstrate its redesigned mobile operating system.

Little is known about Asus’s first WP7 device, but it has an approximately 4” touchscreen that will of course measure in at 800×480 pixels like Microsoft has made mandatory. A five megapixel camera also is inside but the phone lacks a front-facing one for video conferencing. The smart phone will presumably be capable of recording in 720p HD but that has not been confirmed yet.

What is also unknown at this point is whether or not Asus’s first attempt at a WP7 smartphone will use an internal, sealed microSD card slot to provide internal storage like in many WP7 phones out there right now. While it voids users’ warranties, the microSD cards are swappable for larger ones. Think 32 GBs of storage if you’re daring and willing to do a little taking apart (or not, depending on the particular model).


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