New Nokia N8 Games from Gameloft

Posted on Thursday, Dec 16 2010 on 03:00 PM

Gamefloft announces no less than seven new games for Nokia's smartphone.

Leading the charge is Hero of Sparta HD. It's an action adventure title that casts you as King Argos, a stranded Spartan on an epic quest through Greek mythology. You'll battle from Oracle's Island to the depths of the Underworld in search of your missing brothers in arms.

Following in Hero of Sparta's action RPG footsteps comes James Cameron's Avatar, in which you'll step into the mottled blue skin of the film's titular human/Na'vi hybrid and decide the fate of the Na'vi homeworld.

For N8 owners less concerned with saving the world, popular sports titles Real Football 2010 and Real Golf 2011 will also be launching on the platform, bringing lifelike simulations of the sports within thumb's reach.

Racing fans will be happy too, as both GT Racing Motor Academy and Asphalt 5 take their places on the grid. Asphalt 5 is a fast-paced arcade racer that sees you hurtling down city streets in over 12 locations, from St. Tropez to Las Vegas.

GT Racing Motor Academy is a more reserved and realistic take on the racing genre, featuring over 100 cars from iconic manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Last, but by no means least, comes Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD, a rocking rhythm action guitar game in the style of Guitar Hero, featuring hits such as “Paranoid” and “I Love Rock 'N Roll”.


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