LG: Staying Ahead with Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Operating System

Posted on Friday, Dec 3 2010 on 11:30 AM

LG Electronics (LG) global launched of its first Windows® Phone 7 device, LG E900 Optimus 7. Building on Microsoft’s new operating system that offers people the ability to do more in fewer steps, the LG Optimus 7 series introduces a new era for smartphones and offers consumers a whole new experience of mobile life.

The new LG model offers an optimal environment for first-time smartphone users with easy and convenient mobile access. It is an ideal phone for the users who wants to switch to the smartphone category without any problem in usability and convenience.

It  delivers smartphone benefits in a convenient Google internet package. With an automatically synchronized Google account, You have  to only log-in once to enjoy YouTube, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps and more. With easy access to more than 30,000 downloadable applications and games from the Android Market, You can easily customize and expand your LG Optimus experience.

The SN Manager offers integrated access to social networking sites in a convenient platform that can manage multiple accounts. LG’s dedicated Social Networking Client allows users to easily keep track of their Facebook, Twitter and Bebo accounts. Moreover, the Social Networking System (SNS) widgets provide real-time status updates directly to the home screen without having to access any other applications. The handset’s multitasking feature allows users to view updates from friends and access their social media sites while simultaneously searching the phone’s contact list.

LG Optimus gives high-powered entertainment features that make the phone extra fun to use. The advanced media player allows you  to watch DivX and Xvid videos directly without separate encoding and browsing multimedia files is especially enjoyable with the 3D thumbnail gallery.

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