CineXPlayer – The best way to enjoy your Xvid movies for iPad

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 27 2012 on 12:00 AM



Popular all-purpose video player app CineXPlayer just hit version 2.8, offering a few useful features like IMDb integration, split-screen watching / web browsing mode, and the ability to remote control the app from any browser. The oddly named "Screenager" mode is the real centerpiece here, which lets you flip your iPad to portrait mode and use half the screen for watching video and half the screen for browsing the web. There are also a variety of other features power users will appreciate, like movie sharing over Wi-Fi, MP4 streaming from Dropbox, and a video downloader that lets you "Save Target As..." on any website within the app's web browser.


CineXPlayer, at $3.99, is still the only video app for iPad that's Dolby Mobile enhanced; if developer NXP Software keeps frequently updating the app, it should continue to be one of our go-to solutions for watching non-Apple friendly videos in .xvid and .avi formats — now if only NXP would fix the app's repulsively jaggy UI elements.


Here's the full change log:


  • Automatic Download of DVD Covers
  • AutoMagic IMDb lookup - Player Screen Includes new IMDB button to instantly pop up info about movie
  • Screenager [Multiscreen] Mode - Rotate IPAD to portrait during playback allows you to simultaneously watch your movie and Surfing the web
  • Send/Sharing/Watch your movies instantly over Wi-Fi with friends and family
  • Remote Control CineXPlayer using any web browser (Requires Wi-Fi)
  • Load your Movies using any Web browser over Wi-Fi
  • CineXPlayer to CineXPlayer transfer of Movies (ideal for sharing your home movies) - Requires WiFi
  • Multiple Move Management of Movies ; use the Search & Edit button to tag multiple files and moved to a folder
  • Shuffle Mode (allows random playing of movies/movies) idea for parties
  • MP4, MOV, M4V can now be played direct from Dropbox Cloud
  • Screenshot Function - Allows saving of screenshot to CameraRoll (ideal for note taking during educational videos)
  • Video Downloader - allow movies to be directly downloaded from the Web




Source : iTunes Preview