Photos of the next iPhone panels reveal larger screen, metal back

Posted on Wednesday, May 30 2012 on 12:00 AM

After all the rumors of the next iPhone getting a 4-inch display, we finally get to see a glimpse of what the end result might look like. Acquired by 9to5mac from a Chinese iPhone parts supplier, the allegedly authentic photos below show the next Apple smartphone from both the front and the back.




Most notably, it looks like the width of the phone hasn't been altered and the phone is much taller. As a result, according to various sources the resolution is 1136 x 640 pixels, making the screen 3.99 inches in diagonal.

The next major change is the back, which is now almost fully metal with only a small part of the top and bottom being glass. Again, this may be just a prototype Apple has been working on, but if it turns out to be the real deal, the aluminum back from iPhones of old is back.





It's yet unconfirmed if the photos show a real iPhone prototype and will unlikely ever be, but regardless, they successfully display what we should expect in October, when Apple is expected to unveil their latest smartphone.


SOURCE : 9to5Mac