HTC enables offline navigation on its WP smartphones

Posted on Friday, Mar 30 2012 on 12:00 AM


HTC enables offline navigation on its

Windows Mobile smartphones




HTC just called Nokia's raise and enabled free voice-guided navigation through its Locations app, available on its Windows Phone smartphones. This should help even the playing field between the HTC WP handsets and their Nokia Lumia rivals.

Even though Locations was not initially meant to compete with Nokia Drive, it will now allow you to download maps for offline use and navigate you through them. Turn-by-turn voice guidance for both walking and driving is supported as well, so all the basics are covered.

The HTC Locations maps are created by TomTom, so the coverage is pretty good and since all WP smartphones have GPS receivers they can now easily replace dedicated SatNav units.

So get your updates and start downloading those maps. Now you'll be able to show that smug Lumia-touting friend of yours what a real WP smartphone is!