Trademark Updates: HTC Arrive & Samsung Mion 4G

Posted on Monday, Jan 24 2011 on 12:00 AM

It was a busy weekend at the USPTO, with several companies that we follow applying for trademarks on new brands. First up is HTC, which filed for protection on the oddly-named "HTC Arrive," and gave it the same goods and services description as the HTC Passion filing we just saw. In other words, HTC Arrive is yet another candidate for either a Sense UI replacement or version of Sense for Android tablets. We can definitely see Passion as a possible interface brand, but Arrive sounds a bit strange at first; still, it's likely HTC will use the mark for something, as its registered marks almost never go unused.

Next up is the "Samsung Mion 4G" from Samsung -- which recently went through the European trademark office as well -- and although it sounds like it might be a handset for T-Mobile or AT&T's "4G" networks, it's more likely to be a mobile hotspot (perhaps the one Verizon introduced at CES). Motorola also filed for a CES-related mark, "Tabdock," which will probably end up being a dock for the Atrix 4G or the name of a line of such accessories.

Finally we have the "Fliptab" from Kyocera, whose description mentions both cellphones as well as tablets. Frankly we think that this could be any number of products, from a convertible tablet to a tabphone to some sort of dual-screen device -- although we do suspect that whatever it is will end up becoming the Sanyo Fliptab, as opposed to getting Kyocera branded.